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**Act Fast!! Elevate Your Healing!!**


This class is for anyone who is may feel even slightly impacted by the hussle and bussle of their daily lives, those who wish they had a few minutes to themselves to STOP and RECHARGE. This online meditation class will create a deep relaxation allowing you to feel calm and have a clear mind. 

Benefits of Sound Healing:

  • ​Improve your Focus  & Clarity
  • ​​Reduce stress and anxiety
  • ​​Improve your sleep 
  • ​​Feel relaxed and calm
  • ​Quiets the mind and allow for awareness of thoughts
  • ​Release stagnate energy in body & much more...

Is an Energy Healer, International Speaker & Global Impact creator who supports people
to identify any physical or emotional pain in their bodies in an effort to live their truth. 

Tiik travels across the west and the east has opened a portal to her overstanding the connection to energy and strengthened the love she has for people, this planet and the universe. Tiik has worked with shamans, gurus and other energy healers who supported her spiritual growth and deepened her connection to spirit.
Her divine mission in life is to be used as a spiritual vessel to help people all over the world. She does this by utilising her natural awareness in combination with spiritual modalities to connect with individuals on a spiritual level in an effort to help release physical and energetic pain, trauma and limiting beliefs.  

Tiik has spoken on stages which included key influencers such as Master Sri Akarshana, Preston Smiles, and Marie Diamond to push her the mission for people to live their truth.
Spiritual Tiik

**Act Fast!! Elevate Your Healing!!**


"I felt like i was floating off my cushion..."

"I feel so happy..."

"The class is the highlight of my week..."

"After a long working day it makes me calm..."

Here are what some of our participant have to say...

" My experience of therapies with Spiritual Tiik have been a soul lifting experience. Tiik is a beautiful woman who is open and honest, 
she patiently explained my therapies and everything that was going to take place in my healing. 
Tiik gave me the tools to removed blockages and supported my healing. The vibration I felt was so high and pure. Her energy is so peaceful I immediately felt relaxed and safe in her hands in a comfortable environment. My belief in self has now returned and I am now on a new journey of self discovery, thanks to Tiik "
- Jackie

" The combination of your voice together with the bowls... amazing! 
Even whilst you were just talking the bowls were singing. " 
- Linda

" The meditation was very powerful, I saw a few of the images that was mentioned today and in the other sessions you've done over the last few weeks, like being in and see the desert and pyramids and being somewhere that looked like a rain forest... I also keep seeing the colour green and  purple in your meditation sessions. 
Thank you once again, I appreciate you. " 
- B.Kent 

"Attending the Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation sessions have been a great spiritual investment for me. I don't just hear the soothing sounds of teh bowls , but I get to be intouch with the 7 Chakras deep from within, which gives me a sense of healing and achievement after each session"
- Mayleen 

**Act Fast!! Elevate Your Healing!!**


Don't miss an opportunity to elevate during these challenging times
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**Act Fast!! Elevate Your Healing!!**

Tibetan Sound Meditation 
Online Class FAQ's...

What are the dates for the Tibetan Sound Meditation Class?  
The classes are scheduled for each Wednesday evening streaming live at 830pm BST (1230 PST; 330 EST). Spiritual Tiik will incorporate bonus classes and have recordings available. 
What platform will the classes be held on? 
The platform for class will be Zoom and you will receive an email notification with your weekly Zoom link and password. 
Can anyone attend the class?
The vibration of the sound bowls is calming for all ages and or anyone experiencing pain in the body, emotional stress, mental health and or psychological concerns are welcomed. 
How do I prepare for class? 
To prepare for class, you will require a working internet connection, lap top ( any smart phone device) , ear buds (ear phones) and a quiet space. You will receive an email with additional details if required.
What if my question is not listed here? 
Here at Gifts Of Sol, our aim is to help and be 100% present for every beautiful soul joining the community. Simply email any question to admin@spiritualtiik.com and a member of Spiritual Tiik's Little Angels will get back to you. 

**Act Fast!! Elevate Your Healing!!**

e-mail - admin@spiritualtiik.com

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